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Currently making smart pop music stupider with this campaign for Jay Gonzalez (keyboardist, Drive-By Truckers)

Music Video

Turning Me On

Winner, Audience Choice, Sprockets 2012

(Writer, Director, Co-Camera, Editor)


Album Promos

That Song

(Writer, Director, Camera, Editor)


Mind Chess

(Writer, Director, Camera, Editor)


Classic Tribute

(Writer, Director, Camera, Editor)


The Kickstarter video that earned Jay $10K*

*Funding may have actually been due to Jay's prodigious musical talent and not this video. No guarantees expressed or implied.


Yet Another Music Video

Punch of Love

(Writer, Director, Camera, Editor)


Press Release/Artist's Bio


Link goes to online bio



Previous Work

Demo Reel

(Writer, Director, Editor, After Effects, Intro/Outro Music)


Secret Machines Interview

(Producer, Camera, Editor)


And I'm no code genius, but I'm just dumb enough to conceive and execute concepts like the Online Record Player at jaygonzalez.com

Older commercial work, published writing, and even music are currently archived at karatemedia.com

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