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Will This Crash - Instrumental


Homesick - Instrumental


Slow Idea - Instrumental

Tell Me Are You Bleeding

Maybe v.7 - Instrumental

Come Down



The 16 Points

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Today's preferred tracks: Stars Fill Your Room (Instrumental), Tell Me Are You Bleeding, Everything, Homesick (Instrumental), Come Down
And today I'm kind of partial to the early, instrumental version of Chasing After You - Someone else is free to come up with some good vocals for it.



Stars Fill Your Room
Tell Me Are You Bleeding
Come Down
Tongue Tied
The Rip Off
Chasing After You
Are You Listening to Me
Hot Stuff

Bonus tracks:
Chasing After You - Instrumental - I was never happy with the lyrics or vocals on this one. Here's an earlier mix w/out vocals.


John Britt - all instruments, vocals, except:
Eric Holder - vocals on "Come Down"
Matt Amundsen - bass on "Tongue Tied" and "Everything"
Richard Fausset - voice, noise, rhythm guitar on "Ape"

All songs by John Britt, except:
"Come Down" - lyrics by Holder
"Tongue Tied" and "Everything" - music by Britt/Amundsen
"Ape" - music by Britt/Fausset. words by Fausset


In case you don't know, per the rules of the RPM Challenge, this album was written and recorded during the month of February 2009.

Last year's album here: Russian Montage


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All songs (c) 2009 John Britt/The 16 Points